Anti Spam Policy

In order to offer a high quality service at affordable prices and to protect all our users, when you register you will agree to comply with our anti-spamming policy.

Use of third-party email lists

No email should be sent to an acquired list (purchased, rented, borrowed or other), regardless of the quality or permissions attached to this list. No email can be sent to lists copied or retrieved in any way from the web. The fact that someone has posted their email address publicly does not in any way indicate that they are granting permission to use it.

Sending emails

Except in the case of transactional messages, I will only send emails to people who have expressly given me permission to send them this type of message.
Emails can only be sent to people who have voluntarily subscribed to a newsletter form or who have consciously checked (optin) a box on an online or offline form. This box should not be checked by default and should clearly indicate the subject to which the person subscribes.
The message sent must be related to the subject to which the person subscribed. Emails can only be sent to people who have explicitly given their permission to contact them about it.

Unsubscribe link
I will include an unsubscribe link in all emails.
The emails must include a link allowing the recipient to unsubscribe in order to stop receiving emails in the future. This link must be placed in an accessible and visible place allowing any user to see it and understand its meaning.
Unsubscription must be effective immediately and no email of any kind should be sent to this person. Of course, under existing legislation, transactional emails do not necessarily require an unsubscribe link: they are the only acceptable exception.
As a reminder, an email can be considered transactional if it is a one-to-one message that is sent to confirm or inform the recipient about an action that he himself has performed (purchase, word reset password, account creation, etc.).

Email sender status

No email should contain fraudulent or inaccurate headers.
The domain and associated email address must be correct and must clearly identify the sender.

Email containing an illegal or illegal message

No email should contain information that is illegal, defamatory, racist, pornographic, pedophile, incites racial hatred or more generally infringes human rights.
In addition, it is absolutely forbidden to send emails promoting illegal activities such as non-exhaustive gambling, adult content, weapons or explosives, tobacco or related products, drugs or drugs, politics or religion, hacking, illegal copying of files.
Finally, no email should contain information that damages the reputation of ActionConnexion, its affiliates, customers, partners or members.