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Still need reasons?

  •  Unique concept, easy to develop Besides Fundraising is a recognized activity
  •  Participation is affordable for everyone You can start your business from only € 5.95.
  •  The size of the winnings is unlimited.
  •  Easy cash payments and withdrawals at any time.
  •  There is no need to buy or sell anything.
  •  It's easy to invite new donors.
  •  After watching a video presentation,people decide for themselves how to participate.
  •  You have a personal website. Seul Work alone or in a team
  •  Easy duplication, 5 direct are enough to develop your business
  •  Transparency of events and results.
  •  Testimony and opinions of real participants
  •  Multiple sources of income
  •   Recurring income each month.
  •   You only need a few minutes a day.
  •   Activity to be developed on a global scale.
  •   Multilingual site.
  •   Regular conferences, online training.
  •   A long-term affair.
  •   It is impossible to lose money, (in all cases the donations are intended for a humanitarian cause)
  •   Your business is secure.
  •   Bring happiness to others and to oneself.